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Why Crates?
These strong plastic storage crates are ideal for short or long term storage, and the transportation of everything from one office to another.  The crates are stackable and sealable, and you can also buy labels to attach to the ends of the crates to identify their contents.  This is ideal for organizing your items, particularly you’re filing systems. Also crates, unlike traditional cardboard boxes don’t crush or tear. They don’t need messy tape or scissors, the bottom won’t fall out of them and they won’t turn to mush if you get them wet!

The innovative SCSK is a highly manoeuvrable dolly system that enables the user to pack crates without ever having to lift a full crate.

The skate fits the SC2 crates, and the skate itself is inter-stackable, meaning the skates can be stacked in transit.

The user places an empty crate on the dolly and proceeds to fill that crate.  Once full, the lid is closed and another crate can be placed on top, empty, and again filled by the user.  This continues until three crates have been filled.  The stack of crates can then simply be pushed away on the dolly, and wheeled onto the relevant vehicle.  At the destination, the process is reversed.

This means that the user doesn't need to lift any full crates.  The system also reduces time and labour costs of traditional relocation methods.

Protecting IT Equipment
Our Computer Crate, the IT1, is specially designed to hold a PC, two flat screens, keyboard, mouse, phone as well as the cables, securely and safely in one crate to protect the contents.  It is advisable to wrap any electrical items in anti-static bubble wrap, which prevents damage caused to your equipment that can be caused when using regular bubble wrap.

How many crates do I need?
If you need advice on the amount of crates you require for your particular move, contact 1300 799 357 and one of our advisors will be able to help you.

What else do Relocrate offer?
The RC1 cage is an A-frame cage with a single internal shelf providing two loading surfaces.  It has a variety of uses, including storing and moving crates when full, or storing and moving cardboard cartons and other goods. The cage has a roof and is fully lockable, which means that the contents can be securely stored.

Relocrate also provides the following move related items/equipment; anti-static bubble bags for wrapping and transporting computer equipment, labels, security seals, genie lifts [for moving heavy objects], stair climber hand trolleys and even electric stair climbers for photocopiers and server racks etc. as well as load spreaders and power lifters. Basically if you need to move something the chances are we have it and without the massive expense of you having to purchase something you only need now and then.

How does it work?
Commercial hire from Relocrate is a service designed to help you plan an office, library or business move. Crate and equipment rental offers a great solution for short term, ad-hoc or seasonal needs. The principle of crate and equipment rental is quite simple.  You place an order and we deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time.  Next day delivery is standard on crate rental or you can collect equipment yourself, you can even reserve crates for a delivery date of your choice.  Delivery and collection of rented crates can be arranged for any location in Australia.  All our equipment arrives with you clean and ready to go. Most of our customers choose to rent crates from us for convenience, because you only pay for crates when you need them.  To help promote your business we can even arrange for your crates to be branded with your logo.  Payment options are flexible too; if you’re a one off client you can pay by credit card online or over the phone. If you’re a large client you can get fantastic discounts with a minimum commitment contract, so give us a call today on 1300 799 357 and we will find a solution that meets your needs.